Anger is Not A Proof

“When a person [without much knowledge] has only one daleel, and the other person says back in reply, ‘Well, how do you know that’s a daleel?’, and its a true opinion what the person is saying but they have no other proofs,

you know what proof number two is? Anger…and then it turns into a fight. They put one proof and anger after that….Anger is not a proof.”

-Muhammad al-Shariff from “21 Teaching Techniques of the Prophet (saw)”


One thought on “Anger is Not A Proof

  1. SaqibSaab

    A brother was giving me Naseeha that I just couldn’t swallow recently about something which I did incorrectly. The brother was sincere, for sure, but the approach was exactly what Shaykh Muhammad mentions as being incorrect. After he told me what he felt I did incorrectly, he said:

    “so the reason it pisses me off… and it should piss you off as well”

    Once I heard that, I thought back to this very post you wrote and had a very hard time trying to accept what he had to say. May Allah make our Naseeha easier towards one another.

    A simliar article I wrote here:


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