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Fundamentals Map of Arabic Grammar

Fundamentals Map of Arabic Grammar


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Six years ago while I was taking Arabic at Dar ul Qasim, I ended up diagramming the basic grammar into a Visio diagram for my own use.

This might help students and some teachers, though major improvement is needed. I’ve used it successfully since then in other classes and students respond well to it as it makes the basics seem more manageable.

InshAllah I’ll clean it up when I get a chance or if there is any demand for a clean up. The goal is to keep adding so the point that all the major functions in the language are diagrammed. Though books like Wafiyah (www.darulqasim.org) are close to my heart, I know students who were so overwhelmed by the very sight of it and other books that they could not continue. For them, I’ve found visual presentations to be very good.

From the grammatical perspective, what is here is accurate but not complete, and without a good teacher or good book can in fact be misleading so use with care. For example, ‘Idafa is not simply “possession” but has a number of other uses that are critical in understanding how Arabic uses this construct, For the beginning student, introducing it as possession works well, and then showing the other uses later seems to be the mostĀ digestibleĀ approach, so I limited the charts to that for now.